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26 August - 22 October

                                                                The Taken

                                                            David  G. Jones


“The Taken”, a series of empathetic photos concerning the Stolen Generation. Imagery that depicts loss, sadness and hope.

In these photos I have employed symbols to enhance the depth of meaning, including  a white mask depicting the mask behind which Aboriginal people were forced to hide,

Images to enhance the underlying stoicism and resilience of a people whose culture, the oldest continuing culture on the planet, is only now being recognized, I was humbled that I was allowed to at least try and portray the beauty of a people who have lost so much.



From 1910’s to 1970’s under government legislation(s) children/babies were taken from their families., they became a “Stolen Generation”.


The rationale for the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their parents was part of a broad policy framework known as assimilation


Many children from the Stolen Generations suffered extreme physical, psychological and sexual abuse living under state care. Children were forced to reject their culture and adopt a new identity, They had to wear a figurative ‘mask’, a ‘white mask’ to hide their Aboriginality and an induced sense of shame. 


– these are ‘The Taken’

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"The Taken" launch date 16 September, 2pm - 5 pm
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