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Through the sky of time

Bunjil flies

from clouds of darkness Bunjil cries

tears reflected in still waters of Budj Bim


Past hidden in a rolling mist of lies

within which our emergent-young

fulgent-face of future

emanation of expectance

refracted in our children’s eyes


Such-like Spring

in the vernal equinox of expectation

our future lies

in clouds of darkness

our humanity dies


In the clarity of hope

a fallen tear dries

as into the sky of time

Bunjil flies

White clouds lap at jagged peaks 

reach snow covered valleys 

lit by sunlight, 

glare of white veins


push down, ever down, pulled forth 

the inevitability of gravity 

endless walk to the sea


my plane a living being 

an Avatar 

finds its home (the land of its birth)


descends into this northern land

a glacial world I have never known 

a  land enveloped by clouds 

below which, a sparkling sea


through the narrows 

into the fiords, toward the ice floe 

immense frozen sheets persistent, creep 

leave man behind 

lost in fogs misty haze


a glacier, a force

a living thing from a primordial past 

pulses, moves, in motion 

through cold waters of our imagination


gestates our thoughts 

before us, to calves they give birth 

monstrous floes that drift away 

a powerful surge, a wash of life


ethereal forms in shades of blue 

set free in an ethereal world

float away from the darkness 

that primordial age, an age of pre-life 

into the coloured light of day 


– these thoughts of man


Flying into the township of Juneau, Alaska, then by boat through the Tracy Arm fjord amid icebergs floating away from the face of an enormous blue glacier. 


Selected to be published in ‘Burrow’ magazine

“ We are delighted to be able to publish ‘The Visit’. This is such dramatic & richly evocative hymn of praise to a moment of wild encounter. We love it! “

Jillian & Phillip Hall


the silver waves 

of a Damascus steel sea



subtle movement

across sand, whorls, loops

blueprint of that above



of the gloaming

morph into distinctness

two black rays


dancers of the unconscious




to stop, look

distilled awareness

greets a mind now still



bridge the gap between

known and unknown

synergy  between




a presence

seek to permeate

boundaries of perception



of clairsentience

transient connection

with nature


expose emotions



in self



the present

into silver waves 

of a Damascus steel sea


by David Jones


This suite of poems was written during the Laura Dance festival, a coming together of Aboriginal tribal groups of the Cape York Peninsula, 2021.


​Overhead, red-tailed black cockatoos call

dry leaves rattle in branches 

ancient trees sway 

in harmony 


to movement of a pointless breeze

little respite from sullen heat

legacy of parched earth


the brow of a sandstone escarpment

offers its frown of concern


painted effigies gaze upon my trespass

conflict of warning and welcome

the Quinken


a panoply of beliefs and understanding

reach from shadows

of light and time


trappings of modernity disappear

camper-vans, tents, nikon lenses

behind a translucent sphere


I gaze into the hemisphere of time encapsulated

perceive at its base, ripples, vibrations 

 resonance of a didgeridoo


through the earth

my feet, my body

my being

percolates in my mind

a concentration of ‘the before’

essence of man


drawn from the hidden hemisphere

below turbulent sea that divides

whirlpool of mankind and time

tip of an inverted vortex

a holy place

the ring


a congress within a concentric of circles

germinates the gamete of thought

pulse in veins 


painted people 

white, red, yellow

ochre from the earth

people bowered by exclusion


atmosphere of dervish intensity

amplifies affinity with nature

from beneath rising dust

absorb wisdom




between subconscious

and conscious 


the permeable membrane 

the dreaming



the cockatoo flies

red tail bright against its blackness


at this time, in this place

a harbinger of change

of awakening



a foetal moment

transmutation of being

draws from meridians of knowledge

hallowed intersect of song-lines

this Bora-Ring




by David Jones
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Laura 2021 (6 of 28).JPG


in the shadow of an intra-cratonic rift

raised sandstone ridges

bleachers of time



the basin

in which we stand





beneath trees

surrounded by cliffs 

wrought of tectonic movement

eyes closed, i feel the snake

hear its hiss


within the circle

within the resonance 

bare feet pound the earth

cross a flat plane


pulses echo

propagation of sound

into the hidden hemisphere

until reflected

to amplify


as dust

rises, shrouds the present


clouds of myth to shelter the mind

a nexus between known and unknown

surface tension upon which we gently tread

within mist of the fourth dimension

within the collective imagination

to become the axis mundi 

emergent cosmic order


i look into the opacity

seek the serpent

its coils curl



the font 


i enter 


enter the dreaming

connect heaven and earth

intersect sky and land

within the water

the creator 

the created


from reality to dream

i roam time as an amalgam 

past, present and future

to shift from dream 

back to reality


we, the observers 

are in elliptical orbit

balanced between our forward motion

and the pull of gravity from an ethereal essence

from aphelion we attain perihelion 

to enter the circle 

to understand


to enter



by David Jones

The Transmutation

From Africa’s fallen graben

the great  rift valley

man looks east

into the light



this circle of boundaries

delineation of ‘us’ and ‘them’

those within the ring

those without


daub ochre upon white skin

drawn by magnetism of ‘us’

seek planetary myth


we, ‘the them’

from the void of ‘others’

absorb ethos of simplicity

acquire new relevance

realize nature



by David Jones
Laura 2021 (28 of 28).JPG

..”Aboriginal Spirituality derives from a philosophy that establishes the wholistic notion of the interconnectedness of the elements of the earth and the universe,.

animate and inanimate, whereby people, the plants and animals, landforms and celestial bodies are interrelated.”

Professor Victoria Grieves

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